How to make Artificial Intelligence work for you?

We were perfectly happy without it. Then, somewhere this decennium, Artificial Intelligence (AI) turned into the new fashion for companies. If we believe the trend, your business is lost without. But if you ask what AI it is all about, a clear definition is hard to get. Also on how it can drive your business […]

Why you need employee centricity to achieve customer centricity

In his book “Managers the Day After Tomorrow”, my business partner Rik Vera states that companies need to embrace Extreme Customer Centricity in order to survive in the Day After Tomorrow. With the smartphone as the most powerful tool ever, customers have literally put themselves in the center of the world and if you don’t […]

Driving collaboration is key to cultural change

In a previous blog, I discussed the importance of transforming your company’s culture as an enabler for the digital transformation you are most probably undergoing at this very moment. This time my focus is on what it takes to get cultural change started, to keep it going and to make sure everybody in the company […]

Why Digital Transformation is useless without a Cultural Shift

Talk to any company and they will tell you they are in the midst of a digital transformation. Talk to their leaders and ask them how they have ignited a supporting cultural change, and most of them will look at you as if you were an alien. “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”, Peter Drucker taught […]

Failure is not a gift

Every time I host visits to the innovation hubs in the world with nexxworks, be it in the US, China or elsewhere, I get asked the question what my key takeaways are and how I will use those in business. However interesting a new piece of technology, a new app, a new platform or a […]

The impact of customer service on loyalty – Part II

Why being customer centric starts with your company culture In my last blog I discussed the concept of (Minimal) Customer Effort and the need for your organization to make Service AS EASY as possible for your customer. This time I will focus more on the HOW and on the fact that making life easy for your customers […]

The impact of customer service on loyalty – Part I

SURPRISE, SURPRISE your customer is a human being.  At nexxworks we talk a lot about customer centricity in our keynotes and about the sheer necessity of putting the customer first. People often come up to me afterwards, basically with one of three reactions: 1. They have problems creating a ‘business case’ for putting the customer […]