Nancy does not like to be a hit-and-run speaker. Prior to any engagement, she likes to discuss with the party that engages her about the audience, setting, desired outcome and specifics on industry, segment and company. This is a proven methodology to guarantee a maximized impact.

Most Popular Keynotes

Extreme Customer Centricity In A Networked World

In her keynote "Extreme Customer Centricity In A Networked World", Nancy helps organizations grasp how ‘The New Normal’ – in which 'digital' has become the norm – has transformed our work environment into a dense network. She explains how this has changed customer behaviour and the speed of the market, and how companies themselves need to become a network if they want to survive. But, above all, she shows how companies have to put the customer first if they want to be successful. Not just as a nice slogan, but as a rational program of drastic change, in which processes and procedures have to be rethought from scratch: a program in which 'digital' plays a key role in order to give customers what they want in a warm and human manner.

Managers The Day After Tomorrow

Exponentially evolving technology is transforming the outside world like never before. The world of business, too, is changing at the same speed of light and leaders are having a hard time catching up and moving ahead to thrive in The Day After Tomorrow.

But where must they start? How can managers look 30 years forward into an increasingly complex and uncertain future and translate this outlook into a workable plan for the next 3 months? How can they adopt a new mental model? Is it really all about technology? Isn’t it more about changing customer behaviour? Why should everything be fast, fun and easy? And why is data the new oil and AI a blessing?

The answer is clear. To keep evolving, you have to abandon traditional linear ways of thinking. You have to let the world inspire you. You must look beyond ‘just’ the technology. You must zoom in on the needs of your customers and put them first. Above all, you have to focus on the possibilities out there and keep experimenting.

Specific Topics

Your Customer Interface is Your Brand

The value of a brand is being made or destroyed by how customers experience the interface between themselves and the company. Nancy discusses customer journey, customer experience, touchpoints, customer effort, the impact of automation and the growing importance of human-to-human.

Is Amazon eating the world?

From a European point of view, Amazon has evolved from a non-threatening online book retailer to a dangerous monster that might eat all businesses sooner or later. Nancy zooms in on how this has happened, what the future predicts and what we can learn from the Amazon mindset and culture.

Healthcare in The Day After Tomorrow

Nothing is more important to us than our health, and it will be the healthcare sector that is going to be redefined completely by technology. The whole of humanity will be affected. This keynote is not only interesting for people from the healthcare sector, but is a perfect example of the positive impact of technology, big data, Artificial Intelligence and robotization.

How to organize a networked company?

The new environment is a networked one and to survive you have to become a network yourself. Traditional hierarchical structures will have to be replaced and a shift in culture is key to the success of digital transformation. In order to get your company in shape for the day after tomorrow, it needs to be able to follow the customer, so by definition it needs to be agile and networked. Nancy discusses the need for change in leadership, in the workforce skillset, the use of social technologies and above all, culture.

Artificial Intelligence Explained

Internet was the first wave, Mobile was the second, and now we are on Day Two of the next big wave: Artificial Intelligence. We are no longer able to imagine a world without the Internet, we will not be able to imagine a world without AI in 2035, in order to prepare for that we have to know what Artificial Intelligence is all about.


Brian Callaghan

Throughout her keynote speech, which was delivered through a collection of thought provoking images, short videos and a great sense of humour, Nancy challenged the 150 leaders in the room to think about the future and shared insights into why Extreme Customer Centricity is so important for companies to survive. It served as a timely wake-up call, causing the audience to reflect on the key takeaways and put in place concrete actions with immediate effect. Nancy’s fast paced, entertaining and provocative presentation received the only standing ovation of the convention! Brilliant!

Brian Callaghan Vice President Leadership Development - ArcelorMittal

Nancy delivered a great keynote to open our design event with the top 200 senior partners in EMEIA to explore digital disruption of professional services. Nancy’s speech was a great balance of insight, provocation and humour to make the leadership team think about how our strategy needed to adapt for the Day After Tomorrow with the dramatic shifts she shared around changes in how relationships are built and sustained.

Andy Baldwin Area Managing Partner EMEIA - EY

Nancy gave an eye-opening and highly inspirational lecture at our Science and Innovation Summit 2017. Taking an audience of almost 500 people on a humoristic but breath-taking journey through examples of digital revolutions in our private life sector, she created a great spin into today’s traditional set up of large cooperations and the need for a radical change in mindset of how we look at our customers. She created a clear vision of a networked world that results in an increasingly unified set of experiences and expectations on an individual level and matching them through the understanding and implementation of cutting edge digital technologies will be key to reach an impactful customer centric organization.

Maik Kindermann Innovation Project Director - DSM

We invited Nancy to speak at our management offsite in Amsterdam. Her session was informative, engaging, funny and a call-to-action that we were looking for. Her ability to describe the profound changes that Digital technologies are having on our lives and what could potentially be in store for us was something that held everyone’s attention throughout the session. Nancy’s was the highest rated session of the 2 day management event which speaks for itself.

Faisal Husain CEO - Synechron

Nancy Rademaker gave an enthralling presentation on how technology is driving new and different customer behaviors. With captivating graphics and a great sense of humour, she inspired the audience to redefine how we think and interact with customers in this brave new world. If you’re looking to inject your organization with a start-up mentality, get Nancy and the exciting Nexxworks team involved!

Jean Jacques Vossen CEO - Mavim

How to bring a vital and serious business topic to 200 people? How to motivate and engage with Salespeople, Technicians, Finance and HR People about new technologies and the need for change and evolution? How to bring the strategic topic – Customer centricity – to an audience in one hour? The answer is quite simple: involve Nancy Rademaker during your Team Meeting and you will create a great and positive experience for all of them. The feedback is unanimous: great presenter with serious background…

Hugues van Espen Managing Director - Toyota Material Handling Belgium

Nancy’s keynote at our annual networking event for a wide variety of our company contacts – HR people, internship coaches, and various specialists – was the perfect ice breaker, and got everyone on topic, and conversing freely. She expertly introduced us to the challenges of the future, offering insights and practical pointers, and did so in a most entertaining way.

Jan Schelstraete Dean FBO - University-College Ghent

We approached nexxworks to speak at our annual MBA alumni New Year’s Event. In view of major developments in business and society that increasingly call for innovative solutions and agility, we wanted to provide them with new insights. Nexxworks Partner Nancy Rademaker’s presentation was so impactful! She provided insights into today’s changing world, and triggered all of us to consider how we can thrive in the fast pace of disruption. Nexxworks is leading in this field, and clearly able to support companies in taking future next steps.

Gretchen van der Spek Director Alumni Relations, Head of Career Development - TIAS School for Business and Society

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